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Universal Titan Taekwondo & Karate After-School

Tamarac / Sunrise / Lauderhill

Located at 9100 W. Commercial Blvd, Sunrise FL in the Publix Sunrise West Shopping Center.

Due to limited availability, we are temporarily only providing

Karate After-School Pick-Up from

Discovery Elementary, Franklin Academy Sunrise, Everest Charter School, Challenger Elementary.


Martial Arts guides kids to develop Courtesy for everyone, Honesty to always tell the truth, Respect for both themselves and everyone around them, Perseverance to never give up on themselves, Self-Control to know when to be serious and when to be silly.


Coincidentally these are the family values of our Titan student Black Belt Creed: Courtesy, Honesty, Respect, Perseverance, Self-Control. 


  • Does your child go to public school Aftercare or stay home after school while you're at work? Children learn the most in the environment they spend the most time in. Give your child an alternative, fun, active environment to make new friends and develop self-defense skills both physical and mental in Martial Arts to protect them from the dangers of the world we live in today.

Titan Karate After-School Tamarac/Sunrise Martial Arts students learn vital skills for defense and leadership to excel in sport martial arts and problem solving skills to get ahead in life.


  • Children at school may have a hard time fitting in or find friends with similar interests with no time to socialize at school but in our After-School program they develop a passion and place of learning to share sport martial arts knowledge & fitness.

Titan Karate After-School Program Overview

Martial Arts Class Daily

Titan Karate After-School Program Martial Arts students receive transported after-school pick-up from local schools to our martial arts classes every school day, learning a variety of techniques, learning strategies and fitness concepts to improve balance, coordination, strength and flexibility.


Friendship & Team Building

At Titan Karate After-School Program we value building friendships and teamwork in Martial Arts for all of our students through team building exercises, partner drills and the ancient values of "iron sharpens iron", which is to sharpen the ability and skills of our partners so we can become stronger together.


After-School Pricing

Our Titan Karate After-School Program pick-up program is ($75) pay per week or ($300) monthly. 

($40) Student registration (includes free uniform)

We provide service for Full Karate Days, Spring Break Camp, Summer Camp throughout the year.

Seasonal Camp Availability may be subject to change, inquire with us at any time before registering.

After-School: Courses
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